Last night my good friend Mike asked me a question about my trip that I hadn’t really given much thought prior to his asking:

What are you hoping to leave behind and what are you hoping to get from this trip?

Being a goal driven person, I’ve had similar thoughts in the months leading up to the trip, but tried to quiet them, not wanting to take many expectations with me. My goal was pretty simple: don’t have any goals.

Now that I’ve given it some thought, however, I think it’s okay for me to have some goals and to leave for the trip with a sense of expectancy. So, Mike, here are some answers to your question…

What am I hoping to leave behind?

My sense of obligation to work. I know that I’ll most likely have to do some Crag related work while I’m away, but my goal is to clear it from my mind as much as possible. If I’m being honest, I usually have a some voice of guilt when I don’t have The Crag somewhere in my thoughts. It’s a much smaller voice now than it was a few years ago, but it’s there.

The busy-ness of every day life. I’m typing this post in a fifteen minute window between getting breakfast ready and needing to leave for an appointment. I want to leave behind my view of a day as a multi-colored grid full of obligations and deadlines. While I’m away, I want my day to start when it starts, end when it ends and be one big blank spot marked “ADVENTURE” in the middle.

Switching outlets. This probably relates to the other two things, but I want to unplug from one thing and plug back in with another. I’m glad that I don’t have data roaming on my phone. I don’t want the constant vibrating and chirping reminders that things are happening half a world away. I need to disconnect as fully as possible from one thing, so that I can plug my attention into the adventure we’re on. I’m eager to see & experience something new, and I can’t do that if my attention is wrapped up in my phone.

What am I hoping to get from this trip?

Adventure. Exploring another section of God’s marvelous playground. Lots of Real British Ale. Conversations with a good friend. Other than that, I’m intentionally not putting goals on the trip.
I think that’s about it. At this point tomorrow I should be approaching New York, about 3 hours into my England adventure. Wish me luck!


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