The Itinerary

I realized tonight when my brother asked for my flight itinerary that I haven’t really given our travel plans to many people. Since this may be of some interest later in terms of mileage or sights seen, I think I’ll go ahead and post our itinerary here.

We leave from Nashville around noon on Friday, June 28th. We fly to New York, New York to London, London to Newcastle, landing around 11am local time (5am nashville time). From there we’ll hopefully catch a bus or train across England to Bowness on Solway, where our hike begins. We’ll hopefully have time to head into Scotland for a few hours (and maybe a few pints) once we get to Bowness on Solway, seeing as how we’ll only be about 20 miles from the border.

Day 1 (Saturday): Bowness on Solway, Kings Arms Inn

Day 2: Carlisle, Angus Hotel

Day 3: Brampton, The Belted Will

Day 4: Haltwhistle, The Manor House

Day 5: Once Brewed, Twice Brewed Inn

Day 6 (Fourth of July!): Hexham, Red Lion Inn

Day 7: Corbridge, Priorfield Bed & Breakfast

Day 8: Heddon on the Wall, Hadrians Barn

Day 9: Newcastle, Osborne Hotel

Day 10: Nashville, TN USA

We’re walking from West to East, the less popular direction, but the thought of walking toward a big city was appealing to us, as was the thought that we might have less people walking by our side this direction. It makes for strange reading in the guidebooks, walking “backwards,” so hopefully we won’t find ourselves lost in the middle of the countryside of Northern England. We aren’t following the same itinerary as you’ll find laid out on this website, but it’s pretty informative all the same, and has a few pictures worth checking out.

More later…


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